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ProWater builds and operates salt water wells for the oil and gas industry. These state of the art facilities go above and beyond any of our competitors in the industry. This would include facility design, automation, safety systems for employees, protection systems to monitor the shallow water aquifers (drinking water), redundant monitoring of the system, more revenue streams than any competitor and the cleanest facilities in the industry.

ProWater’s Centerline SWD facilities are more efficient, require less manual labor, and for the direct benefit of its customers, processes the average water truck in less than half the time of the industry standard.


Unique “Green” Approach to Handling Produced Water

Salt Water Disposal (SWD) wells are the preferred disposal system, as many states are banning evaporation pits due to many factors. In the state of North Dakota permitting for evaporation pits is no longer allowed. The produced water is generally shipped to SWD wells by truck, or by a limited number of pipelines. Oil producers do not want to deal with wastewater disposal and only build disposal wells when commercial disposals are not conveniently available. 

Our Centerline SWD facilities clarify produced oilfield waters to the extent that they can be used in water-flooding to drive more oil from the earth, and/or allow it to be disposed of in Class II SWD wells thousands of feet below the shallow water tables that feed fresh water to municipalities in population centers. This cleaned water can also be used as frak water in the oilfields where there is new drilling activity.




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